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Oxford Youth Choirs is a group of six choirs, including the Oxford Girls' Choir, for children aged between 4 and 18. We meet on Saturday mornings in Oxford at the Cherwell School North Site. Promoting musical diversity, we perform a range of music from Jazz to Opera. In the words of our patron, internationally renowned baritone, Roderick Williams OBE.

"I have seen the choir grow from strength to incredible strength and have worked alongside them in opera, concert, jazz and dance, in London, across the UK and abroad - this is no ordinary choral training!"

Our ethos is excellence for all - every choir member is encouraged and supported to be the best singer and musician they can be.

We hope you like what we do and want to find out more. Feel free to browse our website or get in touch.

Saturday at Noon talks

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9 May (part 1) - Richard Vendome
Women tenors and basses in Vivaldi
9 May (part 2) - BBC documentary
Vivaldi's Women
16 May - Prof. Helen McShane and Prof. Christophe Fraser (video starts after 20 mins)
The contact-tracing app and vaccine research
23 May - Prof. Edward Higginbottom
The Meaning of Music
30 May - Roderick Williams
In the psychiatrist's chair
bonus video! Home Concerts: Roderick Williams OBE (baritone), his family and Iain Burnside (piano)
6 June - Richard Vendome
Hildegard of Bingen through both ends of the telescope
13 June - Frannie Brown FRANNIEB
Commercial music and singer-songwriting
20 June - Olivia Knops (alumna)
Studying music at university
27 June - Dr Rupert McShane
Perspectives on amateur music from a psychiatrist
11 July - A special virtual choir performance by Oxford Girls' Choir Alumnae and Roderick Williams to mark the 70th birthday of OGC founder and director Richard Vendome. Jerome Kern's Can't Help Loving that Man (arr Roderick Williams) with words rewritten by OGC alumna and OYC Prep Choirs teacher Monica Nelson (Sloan).
Here it is!
11 July - Bridget Cunningham (Vivaldi's Women and London Early Opera) Handel and Music at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

The Rose

The Rose
Oxford Girls' Choir's first virtual recording made during the coronavirus pandemic. Edited by Ed Conroy and Jon Livesey. Words and music by Amanda McBroom, arranged by Richard Vendome.

Sing along with Vivaldi!

Vivaldi's GLORIA - practice scores and videos
This playlist is based on our performances for the BBC and SKY Arts, together with the new Vivaldi's Women edition of the score transcribed from the original manuscript, together with rehearsal tracks to sing along with. Try singing each of the parts! Learn about our research into the Venetian tradition of female tenors and basses here.

An Evening with Amadeus Spring 2019