Welcome to Oxford Youth Choirs

We have resumed Saturday rehearsals at Cherwell School, with optional participation by Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

Click here for the MEMBERS area to access practice videos, rehearsal scores, and OYC policy documents.

Oxford Youth Choirs is a group of six choirs, including the Oxford Girls' Choir, for children aged between 4 and 18. We meet on Saturday mornings in Oxford at the Cherwell School North Site. Promoting musical diversity, we perform a range of music from Jazz to Opera. Our ethos is excellence for all - every choir member is encouraged and supported to be the best singer and musician they can be.

In the words of our patron, internationally renowned baritone, Roderick Williams OBE

"I have seen the choir grow from strength to incredible strength and have worked alongside them in opera, concert, jazz and dance, in London, across the UK and abroad - this is no ordinary choral training!"

In spite of COVID we are recruiting now for the school year 2020-2021:

For younger children

  • COMING SOON - Mini Music Toddler Class. A new Zoom toddler class from Oxford Youth Choirs will give young children a lively introduction to singing and music. There will be puppets, interactive musical games and songs with live piano and guitar accompaniment. To register your interest, please click HERE.
  • Prep Choir (from age 4). With fun warmups, interactive games and songs, we will introduce children to elements such as pitch, rhythm and dynamics.


  • Junior Girls
  • Junior Boys


  • Senior Girls
  • NEW Senior Boys (with individual coaching for the developing voice - please email for details)