Oxford Youth Choirs are a group of six choirs, 
including the Oxford Girls' Choir, 
for children aged between 4 and 18

We meet on Saturday mornings in North Oxford 

and perform a range of music from Jazz to Opera.

Formed in 1984 by Richard Vendome, Oxford Girls' Choir is the oldest group 
of its kind in the UK. Now there are four choirs for girls and boys, starting at age 4.

The choirs perform regularly at home and abroad and sing
many styles of music, ranging from medieval, through opera to jazz. 

Former members have gone on to become successful Oxbridge choral scholars,
singer-songwriters, opera singers and music theatre artists.

“Since my undergraduate days three decades ago, I have seen the choir grow from
strength to incredible strength and have worked alongside them in opera, concert,
jazz and dance, in London, across the UK and abroad - this is no ordinary choral
training! Wherever I go, I keep bumping into ex-choir members making their way in
all aspects of music making. I recently hired studio rehearsal rooms in central London
from an ex chorister, who then reappeared as a member of the Holst Singers when I
sang the Durufl é Requiem; on a tube escalator I found myself chatting to an ex-OYC
mezzo-soprano now singing roles at summer festivals and understudying at English
National Opera; I am writing music for three ex choristers who are enjoying terrific
success with their own vocal ensemble.  All this serves to remind me of the unrivalled
range of opportunities this unique choir affords and of the benefits the singers
receive as they carry their music-making with them into their varied futures.”

Roderick Williams - opera singer, composer and Oxford Youth Choirs' patron

Come and join the warm, friendly atmosphere 
and enjoy the musically creative environment!

Our YouTube Channel has many examples of performances by our Senior Girls' Choir.

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