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Rules of Membership

Oxford Youth Choirs

Rules of Membership

1 Membership
Membership is by audition, initially for a trial period (does not apply to the Prep Choir).

2 Attendance
Members may not be absent for more than two rehearsals in one term without good reason. Notice should be given of absence or lateness.

3 Performance standards
Members of the choir are not automatically entitled to perform at public events; under Section 8 of the choir constitution: β€œThe Musical Director shall have the power ... to select voices for any purpose and bar Singing Members from public performance if in his or her opinion they do not reach the required standard.”

4 Subscriptions
Subscriptions are payable on invoice at the start of each term. Additional fees may be charged for special events. In exceptional circumstances help may be given in cases of financial hardship.

5 Music Library
Music may be borrowed with permission for practice purposes only. Parents will be invoiced for the cost of any missing music.

6 Wardrobe
Costumes are the property of the choir and should be returned to the wardrobe after use.

[1986, 2001]