Fees and bursaries

Fees 2015-2016 (per term)

Prep 1 Choir                            £75.00
Prep 2 Choir                            £80.00
Jr Boys' Choir                          £75.00
Boys' Choir                              £90.00
Junior Girls' Choir                    £90.00
Senior Girls' Choir                 £110.00 + £20 Spr Opera

There is a 5% sibling discount if you have more than one child in the choirs.



The choir operates a bursary system for families unable to meet the full cost of fees: 50% reduction in fees for households earning less than £25,000 pa; and 80% reduction in fees for households with an annual income of less than £20,000.  For further information, please email the Administrator (contact.oxfordyouthchoirs@gmail.com).